Credentials & Publications

Diplomate in Clinical Psychology (1990)
      American Board of Professional Psychology

National Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology (2003)

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Licensure as a Psychologist (#2557); 1980

University of South Dakota; Major in Clinical Psychology
   Ph.D.; 1978
   M.A. ; 1975

Syracuse University; Major in Psychology
   B.S.; 1974


Co-director of A Dialogue Toward Change, a private, non-profit organization
       (1/95 to present)
       - providing research and training on vicarious trauma

Psychologist, Private practice
       (1/80 to present)
       -individual, marital and family psychotherapy
       -psychological assessment
       -specialization in deafness/hearing loss

Psychometrician, R.E.A.D.S. Collaborative
       (1/97 to present)
       -psychodiagnostic evaluations for deaf and hard of hearing students

Psychologist, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (Worcester, MA)
       (1/80 to 11/86)
       -psychotherapy and psychodiagnostic evaluations for deaf, VR clients
       -consultation to staff

Psychologist, East Oakland Family Health Center (Oakland, CA)
       (8/78 to 10/80)
       -outpatient psychotherapy, crisis intervention, and diagnostic
        assessments for predominantly indigent families
       -treatment of child abuse/incest and physical abuse
       -supervision of staff in practice of family therapy
       -ongoing consultation for medical personnel

Clinical Intern, Veterans' Administration Hospital (Palo Alto, CA)

Family Studies Unit
       (3/78 to 8/78)
       -marital/family therapy training (structural, communication, behavioral)
       -sexual dysfunction therapy training

Mental Hygiene Clinic
       (9/77 to 2/78)
       -outpatient and inpatient individual/family therapy and assessment training
       -drug/alcohol treatment

Mental Research Institute
       (9/76 to 6/77)
       -intensive training in brief family therapy

Clinical Assistant, Univ. of South Dakota Psych. Services (Vermillion, SD)
       (9/76 to 6/77)
       -outpatient psychotherapy
       -geriatric group training
       -biofeedback training

Psychometrician, Vocational Rehabilitation Center (Yankton, SD)
       (9/76 to 6/77)
       -psychodiagnostic evaluation for eligibility determination

Psychometrician, Flandreau Indian High School (Flandreau, SD)
       (9/75 to 8/76; 9/74 to 6/75)
       -psychodiagnostic evaluation of Indian students

Psychometrician, Salem School System (Salem, MA)
       (5/75 to 8/75)
       -psychodiagnostic evaluation of high school students and drop-outs

Therapist, Metropolitan State Hospital (Waltham, MA)
           (5/73 to 9/73)
       -coordinated behavioral programming for chronic inpatients

Therapist, Upstate Medical Center (Syracuse, NY)
       (5/72 to 9/72)
       -counseling for an acute inpatient population


Consulting faculty, Pennsylvania College of Optometry, School of Audiology     (Internet through
    (1/00 to present)
    - on-line courses on the psychology of hearing loss for Au.D. program.

Adjunct Faculty, Gallaudet University, Dept. Counseling (Washington, DC)
       (6/83 to 6/85)
       -graduate/undergraduate courses in "Psycho-social Aspects of Deafness
        and Other Disabilities"
       -graduate/undergraduate courses in "Family Therapy with Deaf Persons"

Adjunct Professor, Boston University, Dept. Education (Boston, MA)
       (1/83 to present)
       -graduate/undergraduate courses in "Introduction to Counseling of Deaf

Adjunct Faculty, The Family Institute of Cambridge (Cambridge, MA)
       (9/87 to 5/88)
       -colloquium on family therapy

Invited Lecturer, Boston College (Newton, MA)
       (4/86 to present)
       -graduate course in developmental aspects of deafness

Lecturer, Northeastern University (Boston, MA)
       (5/84; 5/83)
       -graduate level courses on the psychological evaluation of Deaf persons

Lecturer, California State University (Hayward, CA)
       (9/79 to 1/80)
       -taught two graduate level courses in objective and projective
        personality assessment of children


Deaf Community Center (Framingham, MA)
       (6/91 to present)
       -staff training and clinical consultation concerning Deaf, mentally
        retarded, male residents
       -conducted ongoing men's group

Comprehensive School Age Parenting Program (Boston, MA)
       (6/88 to present)
       -supervision of treatment for Deaf, adolescent mothers

The Walden House Residential Treatment Program (Framingham, MA)
       (10/87 to present)
       -implement specialized residential treatment program for Deaf
       -staff training and supervision
       -ongoing programmatic consultation

Westboro State Hospital (Westboro, MA)
       (11/86 to present)
       -setting-up of specialized in-patient treatment program for Deaf adults
       -staff training and supervision
       -ongoing programmatic consultation

The Learning Center for Deaf Children (Framingham, MA)
       (10/81 to present)
       -supervision of school counseling staff

EDCO Collaborative Program (Newton High School, Newton, MA)
       (3/82 to 6/99)
       -supervision of school counseling staff

Psychologist, Doshia Adolescent Residential Treatment Center (Oakland, CA)
       (1/80 to 10/80)
       -staff training regarding adolescence and sexual abuse

MITRE Corp. (Bedford, MA)
       -determining reasonable accommodation for deaf employees

Worcester Youth Guidance Center (Worcester, MA)
       (5/85 to 6/93)
       -supervision of interns
       -staff training

Freedom Trail Clinic (Boston, MA)
       (2/88; 3/89)
       -clinical consultation

Boston Family Services for Older People (Boston, MA)
       (1/85 to 6/87)
       -utilization review for geriatric service providers

Framingham Youth Guidance Center (Framingham, MA)
       (1/86 to 1/87)
       -clinical supervision

Horace Mann School (Allston, MA)
       (9/85 to 6/86)
       -designed an independent living evaluation and training model program
        for Deaf adolescents
       -consultation to staff

Perkins School for the Blind (Watertown, MA)
       (8/83 - 6/85)
       -consulted with staff regarding psychological issues of deaf/blind
       -conducted workshops for staff

Blackstone Valley Child Guidance Center (Hopedale, MA)
       (2/85 to 1/86)
       -family therapy consultation with staff, including live observation, and
        didactic presentations

East Oakland Substance Abuse Program (Oakland, CA)
       (10/78 to 2/79)
       -psychological treatment of drug dependency/alcoholism


 Invited Lecturer and Keynote Speaker
        (10/80 to present)
        -presented over 75 lectures, keynote speeches and conducted over 50
        workshops in diverse settings; topics related to psychotherapy,
       counter transference, deafness, and other disabilities

Colloquium Speaker, Illinois State University (DeKalb, IL)
       -presented colloquium on family therapy and deafness

Polaroid Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
       -organized and moderated business conference: "Integrating the Hearing
        Impaired Employee Into Your Work Force"

Areas on Aging (State of South Dakota)
       (7/76 to 9/76)
       -organized and co-led workshops to aid professionals in dealing with the aged


Executive Director, D.E.A.F., Inc. (Allston, MA)
       (10/80 to 1/85)
       A rehabilitation/psychological service center for Deaf and hard of hearing individuals
       -organizational/fiscal management
       -negotiation of contracts
      -grant writing
      -staff development
      -supervision of counseling staff and interns
      -planning conferences

Director, Projection '70 (Syracuse, NY)
       (9/72 to 6/73)
       -organizational management of a tutoring program for inner-city children
       -supervision of tutors and counselors
       -liaison with University faculty, school principals, and parents


       -advanced training in deafness; trauma; neuropsychological disorders;
        family therapy; consultation;, adolescent/childhood sexuality; alcoholism
        and drug dependency

Supervision in systemic psychotherapy
       (9/83 to 9/90)
       -advanced individual training with Barry Dym, Ph.D., including on-going
        live observation

Systemic and Strategic Family Therapy (The Family Institute of Cambridge)
       (9/84 to 5/85)
       -advanced course work

Personal Individual Psychotherapy
        (4 years)

Family Reconstruction Group
       (3/78 to 9/80)
       -ongoing training in V. Satir's technique of "Family Reconstruction" and
        psychodrama procedures

American Sign Language Training
       (1980 to present)
       -ongoing training in ASL from Ohlone College (Freemont, CA); Massachusetts
        State Association of the Deaf (Allston, MA); private tutoring 


Member, Massachusetts Psychological Association


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